Inspect your roofs with an aerial drone.

Roofs can be tricky or near impossible to access without lots of scaffolding which requires a large amount of people to carry out safely and efficiently, but with a drone roof survey are much quicker, much safer and can usually be carried out by a single operator making it much more cost effective.

We gather lots of images and video and put all this together so that it can be easily assed by contractors, having these images can make it easier and cheaper to get quotes as you will be able to share these with roofers and builders allowing them to see what work needs to be carried out without having to step foot on your roof, as well as this they are also able to plan how many people they need, the right tools required and materials needed all before they even start the work.

Based in Hertfordshire, we’re CAA approve to pilot our drones throughout the UK, and can come out to capture your data. Our pilots never leave the ground and so safety issues are minimal, and we adhere fully to all current UK guidelines, to prevent risk to anyone on your property.

Our drones deliver pin sharp, high resolution footage, making them ideal for when you need precise detail for an inspection or report. Our experienced pilots can home in on features, from chimneys to brickwork, roof tiles, and weathervanes.

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A cost effective way to inspect you roof

Drone footage offers impressive quality and can be used for analysis, official reports or insurance claims. We can carry out one off aerial roof inspections, or schedule regular maintenance flights, to check everything is safe and in good order.

Drone aerial inspections are a superb way to gain an accurate overview of your roof and make a good first port of call to assess work that needs doing. If you need to inspect a roof or high-level area in detail, our handy service can provide the data you want, and will save you money, hassle, and precious resources.

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