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When looking for a property on any estate agents website or property listing site the first thing you see is the featured image, if you are an estate agency or home owner who wants to sell or rent your property fast you need a stand out image that encourages potential buyers to click on your properties listing and take action, instead of scrolling past and viewing your competitors properties.

We can help your  stand out with aerial photography and filming, capturing images using unmanned drones to give potential buyers a bird’s eye view of the property, we can even use Aerial filming to push your properties on listing websites, allowing buyers to get a perspective normal photography and video can’t provide.

At Square Pixel Productions, our camera crew can enhance your promotional material with drones. Fully insured and CAA approved, our trained pilots fly unmanned drones to capture the aerial shots you need to show off your property’s best side.

Alongside our crystal-clear capture, we provide a professional quality editing service, using a top-quality suite of advanced tools. We can create several short promo clips to show off any property on social media or make an extensive sales video for your high value properties, using images and video from the air and from the ground, adding a professional voice over and text overlays.

Our comprehensive video production service covers every aspect of the filming process. We can customise your videos with your logo, soundtrack, and effects of choice, and we will liaise with you at every stage, to ensure we create aerial content that gives your property max appeal.

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Property promo that inspires

Google maps is often outdated and low quality but with drone photography you can give potential buyers a more accurate, clearer, and up to date overview. Drones are an ideal way to show off a property’s hard-to-access features and make a safer, less expensive alternative to scaffolds and helicopters.

Based in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, our video production company is approved to fly all over the UK, so we can help you showcase your property’s best angles.

More and more buyers now ask to view aerial photos of the properties they are considering purchasing, this allows them to see the full size of the property and land in high detail. Harness the power of aerial footage by including shots from above in with your exterior and interior content, and get your property noticed first in the competitive real estate marketplace.

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