Maximise impact and efficiency using drones.

Square Pixel Production’s aerial service is a cost-effective way of tapping into the exciting world of aerial drones to enhance your business. Using high unmanned drones, we provide a full array of aerial filming and photography services, to companies throughout the UK.

Whether you’d like a promotional video to show off your holiday or hotel location, need aerial inspections of your roof or building, or want jaw dropping aerial filming for your marketing videos, we can enhance your content with impressive views from the sky.

Drones are becoming incredibly popular as they allow you to capture fresh angles that wouldn’t normally be possible. They’re also an effective way of assessing the structural safety of your building, and can showcase your location, and encourage audience interaction.

Take advantage and add an aerial element to your photos or videos, and you’ll enjoy more views, and maximum engagement. Aerial photography and filming are excellent ways of updating your content strategy and can transform the way your audience views your promotions.

Now you can show off your location from intriguing new angles, as our experienced operators can film at a variety of heights, to capture sweeping, wide-angle shots.

Drones offer superior stability and smooth camera movements that would usually only be possible with large camera rigs, a big crew, and a very generous budget. Based in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, we are qualified to fly anywhere in the UK and hold a full PfCO license.

With our affordable aerial filming productions and photography services, you can enjoy safety, efficiency, and stability, without ever compromising on the high quality you always expect.

Aerial Filming

Spice up your footage…

Enhancing your videos with drone footage helps you add an exciting element to your marketing and promotional content.

Increase sales and give your brand a boost by adding an interesting edge to your approach to create videos that inspire as well as inform?

We’ll help you freshen up your video content, with exciting aerial footage that will make your target audience press play.

Aerial Photography

Stunning Shots that inspire…

Aerial photos are an amazing way to show off a location or create ad campaigns with real appeal. Using high quality drones, we capture photography from almost any angle, enabling you to enhance your promotions easily.

Whether you’d like clickable content to share on social, need impressive aerial elements in your marketing, or want to entice more visitors with gorgeous photography of your location, we are on hand to assist

Estate Agents

Perfect promo to encourage buyers or renters

If you need beautiful images of your properties for sale or rent, drone filming and photography can certainly help.

Our drone operators capture aerial content that displays your property in its best light, to help you make a quick sale.

We provide aerial video or photography, or a combination of both, allowing you to incorporate our work into all your promotional campaigns.

Hotel and Leisure

Show off your location…

Highlight the benefits of your holiday park or hotel, showcase your location and encourage visitors by using stunning aerial filming and photography.

Add an extra special touch to your marketing, we can enhance your content with beautiful aerial photography or video that you can use as part of all you promotional content.

Building Inspections

A more affordable way to inspect…

Drones offer an ideal solution when you want to carry out aerial building surveys and inspections, especially if your structures is unsound, or tricky to access.

Our operators are fully trained to ensure your shoot runs smoothly and safely and as no one leaves the ground there is less need to stress about safety requirements

Roof Inspections

A safer way to get the data you want…

When you need to capture footage from on high, drones are the perfect answer. If you want to survey or inspect roofs, we can help you capture the content you need, safely.

Roofs are often difficult or near impossible to access without posing a risk to staff. Our unmanned DJI drone solutions help you to capture the data you need, safely and efficiently.

Speak to us about how our drone services could help you.

Aerial production safety

Square Pixel Productions is approved by the CAA to carry out aerial filming and photography work, in order to obtain this permission we have undertaken flight training, exams and a practical flight test to ensure we fully understand all the safety and legal requirements, this enables us to capture quality video or photography, efficiently, effectively and safely.

Planning your aerial production

Working closely with you we gain a clear understanding of all the requirement from you aerial production, we then create a strategy and determine the safest and most effective way to capture the content, where required we arrange for any additional support/permission.
We will keep you informed of any changes that could effect the safety of the flight and offer advice, guidance and support throughout the entire process, helping our clients make informed decisions. 

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